Residential Codes In Unincorporated Lincoln County

Contrary to popular belief, robust residential building codes do exist in large portions of unincorporated Lincoln County.  For example, inside the boundaries of Lincoln County Fire Protection District, the International Residential Code has been in effect since 2006.  The current adopted version is the “2015 International Residential Code”.

The International Residential Code contains minimum standards that home builders must adhere to.  The majority of these codes and requirements pertain to fire and life safety and well as the protection of property and the investment of the homeowner.

In 2010, Lincoln County Fire Protection District ended the requirement for mandatory permits and inspections of newly constructed residential homes, however the Residential Code remains in full effect.  While we no longer inspect every new home, we still do inspect some at the request of the owner or home builder as well as investigate complaints of Code violations.

Lincoln County has many reputable home builders who choose to construct a new home at or above the minimum standards established by the Residential Code.  However, as in any other industry, there are also less than reputable contractors who do not care or don’t know the standards.

During the housing boom years prior to 2008, there were many home builders in Lincoln County.  After the housing market crash in 2008, only a handful remained.  Many were forced to find other construction jobs to keep them afloat and many entered other industries entirely.

Currently, the new construction market is on a much needed rise.  This new boom is bolstering Lincoln County’s mainstay home builders and also bringing back a few quality builders who were forced out after the crash.

The new boom will undoubtedly also bring back Joe Homebuilder who may not be as concerned with your safety as our quality home builders.

New home buyers can protect themselves by ensuring they hire a qualified and experienced builder.  Keep in mind, the friend of the family or the cheapest bid may not always be the best choice.  Prospective home buyers can also request their home builder obtain a permit and have inspections conducted through our Fire District.