There are several challenges with the current Moscow Mills Fire Station that was built in 1975 when the fire district was all volunteer. The current fire station is unable to house the additional firefighters that would be needed to staff the fire station full-time. The fire station is too small for modern firetrucks and firefighting equipment. A new Fire Station 2 in Moscow Mills will be needed to meet the needs of our emergency services today and in the future.

Proposed Fire Station Design

Over the last year our planning committee has been in contact with several architectural companies to produce a preliminary design for a new fire station in Moscow Mills. This new fire station will incorporate a fitness room, dayroom, kitchen, decontamination area, gear storage, and technology/security elements that will be provided to enhance staff response. An efficiently laid out fire station provides for a rapid response time to emergencies and better supports larger and more complicated equipment needs. This is a preliminary design and may change as new research is done on fire station design, technology advances or our district’s needs change.

Fire Station 4 is currently located on Highway KK East of the Highway 61 overpass. With advances in fire trucks the current fire station is unable to house modern fire trucks and equipment. With the passage of Prop Emergency, Fire Station 4 would be rebuilt to meet modern day needs. The location of the station will be determined closer to construction time. At that time we will review call volume, growth data and the needs of our residents. Fire Station would would include a living area that would allow volunteer firefighters to staff the Fire Station if available.