A Fire Permit and Inspections are required for:

Commercial – Online Permit Application

•  New building construction
•  Additions to any existing building
•  Remodels/renovations to any existing building
•  Interior finishes of existing building shells
•  Opening a new business in an existing building
•  Moving your business to a new location
•  Commercial developments

Residential – Online Permit Application

•  New construction of businesses open to the public
•  New Residential developments
•  New Subdivisions

Fire Suppression/Alarm Systems – Online Permit Application

•  Installation, modification or removal of fire suppression systems.
•  Installation, modification or removal of fire alarm systems.


•  Temporary fireworks stands, tents or other seasonal sales.
•  Private or public fireworks displays, other than consumer grade fireworks.

Seasonal Sales Online Permit Application
Fireworks Display Online Permit Application