Permit Pricing

New Construction & Additions

In short, permit fees for new construction and building additions are $1.50 per $1,000 of construction cost + $100.

In order to ensure consistency, the most recent Building Valuation Data Table published by the International Code Council is used when determining construction costs.  An example of this table can be found below.  This table represents the industry average construction cost per square foot based on occupancy type and building construction.

An Example Of ICC’s Building Cost Valuation Data Table

There are many variables in determining occupancy type.  Your occupancy type is determined based on the information and construction documents you provide.

Calculating a permit fee:  (Square Foot Construction Cost x Square Footage) x .0015 + $100 = Permit Fee

Remodels and Alterations

There is no industry standard to compare remodel and alteration costs.  Therefore, the actual project cost is used in calculating fees.

Permit fee:  (Actual project cost x .0015) + $100 = Permit Fee

Change Of Use or Occupancy

Permit fee:  $75 flat rate

Fireworks Seasonal Sales:

Permit Fee:  $500 per location

Fireworks Display:

Includes public and proximate displays.

Permit Fee:  $100 per shoot

Fire Suppression & Alarm Systems:

Permit fee:  (Actual project cost x .0015) +$100