NEW Fee Schedule as of February 1, 2019

Occupancy Fee for a business where no construction has been done between tenants with the same use group and when a new building is complete after the building final but before the business opens to see how the business owner set up the space or if a business changes ownership.        Permit Fee: $75.00

Fee schedule should be based upon the latest ICC building tabular data table or the estimated cost of construction provided which-ever is greater at a rate of $3.00 per $1000.00 estimated cost of construction

A Minimum construction fee for small projects should be $225.00 including plan review.

Site plan review Fees $200.00

Variance Filing Fee $50.00 non-refundable

Commercial plan review New Construction or building addition


Tenant Finish Plan review


Multi-family Residential Plan Review


Fireworks Seasonal Sales:

Permit Fee:  $1,250 per location

Fireworks Display:

Includes public and proximate displays.

Permit Fee:  $300 per shoot

Fire Suppression & Alarm Systems:

Fire sprinkler fees will be based on $3.00 per sprinkler head with a minimum of $150.00 which includes plan review for sprinklers.

Fire Alarm Fees will be based on $3.00 per device with a minimum of $150.00 which includes plan review fee.

Hood suppression Fees and Grease duct installation $150.00 each system

Underground Fire main Fee will be $250.00