Meet Our District Photographer, Pat Reid

Pat Reid

Recently, I heard some rumor grumblings from a member of our community who said they heard our Fire District “pays someone full-time who’s only job is to take pictures”.  Well, not exactly…yet, sorta true.  You see, we pay our District Photographer with credit for his photos, respect and access to some of the best photo opportunities a live action photographer could ask for.  It also got me thinking the guy that’s always behind the camera isn’t in any photos…well, it was tough but I was able to find a couple to share with you.

Allow me to introduce Mr. Patrick Reid of Crystal Photography.  Pat has volunteered as our Fire District Photographer since 2006.  He works full-time at Boeing, has his own photography business and is still kind enough to find time for us.  Pat attends many of the District’s member meetings and responds to emergencies to photo document the incident as well as assisting with photos for fire investigation purposes.  Many times, Pat’s photos of our fires and other emergencies are what you see on the evening news, the Lincoln County Journal, Facebook and the internet.

Most recently, Pat’s photos were requested and shared around the world as news spread of drag racing legend Jerry Bickel’s building fire in Moscow Mills.

Pat, we thank you for your service to our community, our Fire District and we appreciate all you do for us.

Featured photo (top), courtesy of Pat Reid, Crystal Photography.

Pat Reid at the Professional Parkway fire.