Man Rescued From Burning Tractor Trailer On Hwy 61

Today at 2:24 P.M. Lincoln County Firefighters responded to Highway 61 North of Troy near Champion Pre-Cast for a tractor-trailer collision, reported with injuries and entrapment.

A former Lincoln County Sheriff’s Deputy, James Hoyt was passing by the scene and stopped to help.  He found a heavily damaged tractor trailer in the median with fuel leaking, the engine compartment smoking and the driver trapped inside.  Hoyt pulled the driver from the truck with the help of other motorists who stopped to offer assistance.  Fortunately, some of those motorists had fire extinguishers with them and helped to extinguish the fire in the engine compartment of the truck.

Firefighters and Paramedics arrived on scene to find the once trapped truck driver up and walking.  Lincoln County Ambulance District Paramedics transported the man to the hospital.