Lincoln County Fire Improves Insurance Rating, Potential Savings For Home Owners

Lincoln County Fire Improves Insurance Rating, Potential Savings For Home Owners

The Insurance Services Office (ISO) has recently evaluated our community capabilities relating to structural fire risk.  Major areas evaluated were water supply districts and municipalities, 911 Central Dispatch as well as our Fire District.  A new Public Protection Classification (PPC) of 5/10 has been designated for those within the boundaries of Lincoln County Fire Protection District #1.  The new classification will be effective July 1, 2017.

Many homeowner’s insurance companies use the Public Protection Classification to assign homeowner’s insurance rates based on fire risk, using this 1 -10 rating scale.  According to ISO, the Class 5 rating is the most common in the U.S. with 9,490 of 46,000 evaluated communities holding the rating.  In Missouri, a Class 5 rating is better than 65% of all other evaluated communities.  Visit ISO Mitigation at for more information.  Here’s a quick breakdown of how it may affect you:

Homes Within 5 Miles Of A Fire Station:

A PPC rating of Class 5 was given to all buildings within 5 miles of a fire station.  Prior to this evaluation, buildings within the city limits of Troy and Moscow Mills were a Class 5, those outside of city limits but within 5 miles of a fire station were a Class 7 and all others were a Class 10.  Now, everyone within 5 miles of any fire station is a Class 5.  If your home is located a newly red shaded area on the map below and depending on your insurance company, you have the potential for savings on homeowner’s insurance, once the new classification is effective.

Many insurance companies use the PPC classification, but some do not.  After the rating becomes effective in July, it’s a good idea to contact your insurance company to ensure you are receiving the best rates, based on the new Class 5 rating.

Homes More Than 5 Miles From A Fire Station

All buildings more than 5 miles from a fire station are a PPC Class 10.  Although, because our Fire District has hauled water capability, homeowners that live within 5-7 miles of a fire station can request a 10W rating from their insurance company.  The 10W rating is property specific but may result in savings, based on your insurance company policies.

How A Public Protection Classification Is Determined

The Insurance Services Office uses a Fire Suppression Rating Schedule to determine the Public Protection Classification for communities.  The PPC is based on historic data from across the United States related to fire risk as well as extent of damage expected with many other factors evaluated:

  • Where you live in relation to a fire station
  • Available fire protection water supply
  • 911 Emergency Communications
  • Fire District equipment and capabilities

Why We Didn’t Get The Best Possible Rating

In short, it’s just not possible for our area at this time.  Here are just a few things our community would need in order to get the best rating:

  • Significant water supply infrastructure improvements from county water districts, including expansion and District wide fire hydrants.
  • Additional career Firefighters
  • Additional fire stations
  • Additional fire trucks
  • Improved dispatching capabilities


***The PPC rating does not apply to buildings requiring more than 3,500 gallons per minute needed fire flow such as larger commercial buildings.