Lincoln County Fire Protection District #1 is partially responsible for some homeowner’s insurance rates, dependent on the insurance company.  Our Fire District is evaluated by the Insurance Services Office (ISO) and grades the Fire District in many different areas such as training, apparatus, response, water supply and more.  The grade or rating given to our Fire District directly affects the cost of homeowner’s insurance.  The lower the rating, the better the insurance.

Effective July 1, 2017, our Fire District has 2 ratings.

  1. Within 5 road miles of a fire station = 5
  2. More than 5 miles from a Fire Station = 10

The District was reevaluated by ISO in 2021 and Class 5/10 rating will remain the same.

Please use the map below to locate your address (you can type it in or zoom in on the map).  If you are in a shaded area within Lincoln County Fire Protection District #1, your rating is a 5.

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