Fire Hydrant Testing Beginning Today

During the month of May and June 2018, Firefighters will be testing fire hydrants within the Fire District boundaries, including the cities of Troy and Moscow Mills.

Residents and businesses may experience temporary pressure loss when a fire hydrant is flowing, but the pressure will return to normal within a few minutes. Sometimes, household water may be discolored (brownish or murky) due to the volume of water flowing through the pipes. This is normal, not hazardous and easily resolved by turning on household fixtures until the water runs clear.  Residents are urged not to wash clothes when fire hydrants are being tested. The discoloration of the water may stain and ruin clothing. Before washing clothes in the evening or on weekends, run the water in your washer for a few minutes to ensure it runs clear.

Fire hydrant testing is conducted to verify hydrant operation, determine fire protection water flows and to ensure that fire protection water will be available when needed.

As always, residents or business owners may contact Lincoln County Fire Protection District #1 at 636-528-8567 with any questions.