Dana Clark Awarded Lincoln County Firefighter’s Shield of Courage

On 4/16/17, a 2 year old boy was found in a family pool on Sunset Drive in Troy.  Family members pulled him from the pool, blue and not breathing, then called 911.

Lincoln County Central Dispatch sent Firefighters and Paramedics to the scene with a report of a child drowning, not breathing.

Firefighter’s arrived and found Dana, the boy’s 17 year old Sister, had successfully rescucitated her brother using CPR.  He was conscious, alert, crying and in fact, standing on his own.

Dana told Firefighters she heard her Mother screaming and went to help her brother.  While she performed rescue breathing techniques, her brother began coughing up water and regained consciousness in the seconds before Firefighters arrived.

This evening, Lincoln County Firefighters presented Dana with the District’s Shield of Courage award.  This award is reserved for members of our community who demonstrate extraordinary courage and bravery resulting in a life saved.

Pictured left to right:  Captain Michael Noonan, Dana Clark, Firefighter Steven Fair and Lieutenant Jack Cope.