Care Trak Program Launches in Lincoln County

Lincoln County Health Department is pleased to announce the launch of the Care Trak
program in Lincoln County, Missouri. Care Trak is a system that can be used to locate lost
individuals who are wearing specially designed transmitter bracelets. The system is
designed for people who are at high risk of wandering and becoming endangered, such as
those with developmental disabilities or Alzheimer’s disease. With this system, lost
individuals can typically be located in 30 minutes or less.

Care Trak is made available through the partnership of Lincoln County Health Department,
Troy Police Department, Lincoln County Ambulance District, Lincoln County Fire Protection
District #1, and the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office. Participants must meet eligibility
criteria, and there is a fee required to enroll. Lincoln County residents who believe their
loved ones may be eligible are encouraged to call and speak with a Care Trak team

For more information about Care Trak, please call the Lincoln County Health Department at
(636) 528-6117 or visit their website at

Below is a short video on how the system works!