Career Firefighter/Medic Positions

We are currently not hiring.

Prospective applicants can expect that State of Missouri Firefighter II Certification and a Paramedic license will be required.

Future job announcements will be posted here, in the news section.

Volunteer Firefighter Positions

Are you interested in helping your community and being a Volunteer Firefighter?  If you are, we’re interested in talking with you.

We don’t require experience, we require heart and dedication.  We provide all the training it takes to be a Volunteer Firefighter.  Some people love it, others decide it’s not for them.  How do you know unless you try?

Basic training includes an initial 10 week orientation course (evenings), State of Missouri Firefighter I & II Certifications and Medical First Responder.  In addition, there are many other training opportunities and certifications available to all personnel.

Frequently Asked Questions About Volunteering

Where do I apply?

Complete our Application For Volunteer Membership online.

Do I need experience?

No.  We provide you with all necessary training.  We only ask that you give back with commitment and dedication.

What kind of time commitment is required?

We understand you have a job, a family and a personal life and that you are volunteering your time and effort.  Generally, our Volunteers attend trainings each Tuesday evening, assist with Public Relations events, go to their assigned firehouse during an emergency call, perform truck and equipment checks, staff fire stations when available, and much more.  On average, expect to spend 20+ hours at the firehouse each month.

It seems a little intimidating to me.  How are new people treated?

We’ve all seen the TV shows where “probies” or new probationary firefighters are treated like dirt….so not true.  We treat each individual with respect.  We operate as one big family.  Also, remember that all of us here took that first step at some point, walked in an filled out an application.

What if I start and find I don’t like it?

Be honest and tell us.  It’s OK, really…it happens and we understand.

Do I get to put lights and sirens on my car?

No.  We do not allow lights or sirens on personal vehicles.  All Volunteers drive to the Station and respond from there in a fire truck.

Do you have female firefighters?

Yes.  We currently have one volunteer female firefighter and one career female firefighter and hope to have more in the future.