Mission Statement

Professionals Dedicated to Serving our Community with Pride and Integrity

Our Core Values

The genuine care and protection of our community is our highest mission.  We will provide the highest quality of service to all who call upon us and exceed the expectations of our community members by anticipating their needs.  We pledge to remain a responsible, accountable and dynamic organization that will adapt to the ever changing needs of our community through positive relationships with community partners, citizen involvement, input and planning.

The heart of our community commitment is exceptional prevention, response, mitigation and recovery.  Through exceptional public education, investigation and enforcement we will promote prevention.  Through exceptional planning, training, equipment and professionalism we will promote superior response and mitigation.   Through exceptional and genuine concern for our all in our community, we will promote effective recovery.

Our personnel are the most important resource in our service commitment to our community.  By applying the principles of trust, honesty, respect, integrity and commitment we foster a positive environment where customer service, professionalism, and teamwork is inspired for the benefit of our community and the District.

Our District will be recognized as a benchmark within the Fire Service through training, education and community service programs.

Our Stations

Station 1

700 E. Cherry St.
Troy, MO 63379

Built: 2008

Staffing: 4 Full-Time Firefighters 24/7 & Volunteer Firefighters

Station 2

675 Hwy. C
Moscow Mills, MO 63362

Built: 2023

Staffing: 4 Full-Time Firefighters 24/7 & Volunteer Firefighters

Station 3

3501 Hwy KK
Troy, MO 63379

Built: 1988

Staffing: Volunteer Firefighters

Station 4

725 Hwy KK
Troy, MO 63379

Built: 2001

Staffing: Volunteer Firefighters

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